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For autonomous this year, starting in the high position we can score 2 particles in center Vortex, then go on to hit the cap ball off the center and partially park on it. Another code we have is where we start in the low position, score 2 particles then drive partially on the ramp. For our autonomous code, we can start in either a high or low position, with either a delay or no delay. For our final autonomous, we score two particles, then drive and push two beacons.

7165’s autonomous:         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVL_BXZJANc 

In tele-op, we can score particles into the center vortex, push beacons effectively, and in endgame we can lift the cap ball off the ground using the ramp and our robot to keep to up. Lifting the cap ball off the ground is difficult, but we have done it!

Our robot

What our robot looks like in CAD