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Robot Functions and Mechanisms

Our robot can currently intake particles, shoot particles, push beacons, and hold the cap ball up off the ground.


Here is a video of our robot in autonomous.



Check the sub-pages for more details on the functions and the mechanisms that are used.

Beacon Pusher

Beacon Pusher Our robot has two beacon pushers, one for autonomous and one for Tele-op. The Beacon pusher for autonomous is on the side of our robot. It uses a liner slide to extend out until it hits and activates the beacon. To achieve this we use a color sensor to see the targeted color …

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Cap Ball Lifter

Our robot has a cap ball lifter that is made of tetrix bars, and tetrix corner pieces. It is pulled up by an A-20 bar vertical linear slide. With a decent amount of time, this machine will work effectively. It basically just lifts the cap ball up and over, staying in the limits of course, …

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Particle Intake

Particle intake Our robot can intake particles. We have a large axle-like piece that will spin on the front of our robot, it is equipped with lexan or Plexiglas flaps to scoop up the particles. Although not as effective as we would like it to be, our intake can take particles into our robot and …

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Particle Launcher

Particle Launcher The particle launcher looks similar to a catapault and runs off what is called a “choo choo” mechanism. We have a 3D-printed cup to hold the particle in place and a plexiglass ramp to hold additional particles, although the ramp will be modified or removed soon. It runs off of a choo choo …

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