Particle Intake

Particle intake

Our robot can intake particles. We have a large axle-like piece that will spin on the front of our robot, it is equipped with lexan or Plexiglas flaps to scoop up the particles. Although not as effective as we would like it to be, our intake can take particles into our robot and feed them to our launcher, which will be discussed at a later time.

This mechanism has given us numerous problems we needed to solve.

Two examples of these problems would be:

  • the flaps on intake bend or break
  • the motor will move too quickly and shoot the particles back out

Because of of how fast the motor moves, materials we used for the flaps broke or bent. This caused us to try different kinds of hardware to see which would work the best. Some of these materials were lexan, Plexiglas, hard rubber, and metal.

Our results of our materials testing:

  • Hard rubber bent
  • Plexiglas broke
  • metal bent
  • lexan broke

We chose to put lexan on the robot because it would not bend and would break the least. We plan to take the intake off because it would take us too much time to get a particle and shoot it. Another reason we are taking it off is to make space for our new cap ball lifter, which will be discussed at a later time.



Our Particle Intake has been removed due to the new Cap Ball Lifter.