Particle Launcher

Particle Launcher

The particle launcher looks similar to a catapault and runs off what is called a “choo choo” mechanism. We have a 3D-printed cup to hold the particle in place and a plexiglass ramp to hold additional particles, although the ramp will be modified or removed soon. It runs off of a choo choo mechanism and rubber band to give it a little spring.

It generates a great deal of stress for the screws,  which means we have to use bigger screws and nuts to hold the mechanism together. To release the dome of the stress, we put a thick string on the catapult part and keep it a little tighter than the maximum length of the mechanism. This is to put most, if not all, of the recoil on the string.

date of update:


The ramp for the Particle Launcher has been greatly decreased in size and made more effective.